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Earlex HV3500 Spray Station HVLP Sprayer

Earlex HV3500 Spray Station HVLP Sprayer – $126.74

Turn Your Home Into A Home By Using These Home Improvement Tips

Earlex HV3500 Spray Station HVLP Sprayer Review

Most people hear the term “home improvement” and immediately take the Yellow Pages. However, no have to be as difficult a job as you think. There are several do-it-yourself methods to home improvement. This document will provide you with a few creative strategies for improving your home, without spending a fortune.

There are numerous of sprayers available on the market right now, including air sprayers, airless sprayers and high-volume, low-pressure (HVLP) sprayers. Every type is designed to help you accomplish particular painting tasks quickly, efficiently sufficient reason for wonderful results.

Your selection will probably be largely determined by your designed application, so it is vital that you know what surfaces you will be painting, what types of paint and/or stain you will have to apply and if the protection area will be large or small. Click on the b below for more information on some of the most common types of paint sprayers.

Airless sprayers work under underhand accommodating a variety of paint products from thick latex paints to thin stains. These units also minimize overspray and are considered to be the fastest.

Forcing paint via a tiny hole inside the spray gun generates a paint pattern which is then applied to the intended surface. Occasionally the tiny nozzle hole may clog with dirt or dried paint. Most excellent sprayers come with reversable spray ideas to help prevent clogs.

The Earlex 3500 is easy to set up, easy to clean and can apply a beautiful coat of finish. The first time I used it, the finish applied was great. The next time I used it, it leaked finish out of the handle like a waterfall. I called support and they were very helpful and sent me a new needle. Examination of the needle clearly showed that the plastic seal on the end of the needle was the problem. I tried to buy a set of replacement seals but I was informed they are not available separately. I now remove the needle after each use and carefully put it in its box. Still after just a couple of months I now have four needles that will no longer work because of the seal. This is a serious defect and makes an otherwise good product almost useless.

Update: Now that I have used the Earlex 3500 for a while and have two of them I can confirm it is useless. Both are sitting on a shelf and I am using other hvlp equipment. I can not keep the spray gun from leaking lacquer in large quantities. Perhaps they are functional in spraying thicker latex or other products but for lacquer they are totally useless.

More Details about Earlex HV3500 Spray Station HVLP Sprayer

  • 500-watt motor turbine spray volume control
  • 43 cfm / 2 psi, DIN/second = 160
  • Includes nine-foot hose, one-quart wide-mouth paint container, stain/latex tip, viscosity cup
  • Features on-board hose and gun storage, front-loading tip/needle
  • Maintain control with three-spray pattern adjustor

Earlex HV3500 Spray Station HVLP Sprayer is particularly useful for painting deeply distinctive, hard-to-reach, or multi-piece surfaces with many spaces and crannies for instance eaves, lattices, or even rough stucco. These surfaces will demand you to definitely meticulously cover up the location and put down lots of drop cloths. Never utilize a sprayer on windy or even windy days utilize the Earlex HV3500 Spray Station HVLP Sprayer.

To protect yourself from damages or harm by using Earlex HV3500 Spray Station HVLP Sprayer , often wear protecting clothing and gloves, as well as eye protection. Never point the Earlex HV3500 Spray Station HVLP Sprayer head at the body or other persons. The potent jet of paint out of this Earlex HV3500 Spray Station HVLP Sprayer can force paint in your skin. If that will happen, get immediate medical treatment.

Before you clean the Earlex HV3500 Spray Station HVLP Sprayer , turn off and unplug the unit. Then pull the Earlex HV3500 Spray Station HVLP Sprayer-gun trigger to produce the residual stress in the hose. Be sure to set the protection lock on the Earlex HV3500 Spray Station HVLP Sprayer gun if you are not spraying.
Hope to love this small guide od using the Earlex HV3500 Spray Station HVLP Sprayer.

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